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Starting 2024 in The Labyrinth

The hybrid reading cast of "Unwound: Beyond the Labyrinth"

New year, new opportunities! That is Hannah's motto leading into 2024, a year filled with new connections, new opportunities, and new places. And nothing sets the year into motion better than reading for a brand new musical, "Unwound: Beyond the Labyrinth" by Amanda Gulla.

All this started back in 2023, when Hannah reached out to Amanda through her show's Instagram account, exclaiming her interest in the show and the story of the Labyrinth. Shortly after, Amanda offered her the role of Semele for a hybrid reading they were recording in January of 2024. Hannah accepted, and began the process of learning the show and finding her character.

At the start of the process

If you are an avid Greek Mythology lover, this is the musical for you. "Unwound: Beyond the Labyrinth" follows Ariadne, the daughter of Pasiphae and Minos, and her journey through the Labyrinth as she uncovers the stories of those trapped there, and ultimately, her Minotaur. The musical combines well-known characters, such as Icarus, Dionysus, and Minos, and shows how their stories are all weaved into the Labyrinth.

The process of learning a musical that has yet to be produced fully was a challenge for Hannah; she had very little experience singing and performing new music, the only other time being in college. Luckily she had recordings of the original Semele as well as Amanda herself to help her carve out who Semele is.

Mic Check with the hybrid reading cast (Hannah is center)

On January 7, she and her sister, Rebekah (who was brought on last minute), made the trek up to Philadelphia, where the reading was located. They had a few hiccups along the way, with a last minute car rental and not quite understanding how tolls worked, but eventually made it to the location. The reading was 5 hours of pure joy. That's the only outcome that can come of a space full of artists dedicated to their work. It was absolute play.

Coming away from this experience, Hannah is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to help bring "Unwound" to life. It is truly a special show.

Images pulled from the "Unwound" Instagram:


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