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Hannah Makes Her New York Debut!

After a successful move to the Big Apple, Hannah landed her first role in the city: a Doris Day look-a-like in the choreoplay, "Angel Talk", featured in Theater 71's Playwrights Festival. "Angel Talk", written, directed, and choreographed by Joey Lorraine, features three actors and tells the story of a young starlet who finds herself contemplating the sudden death of her mother and whether or not she will end up in Heaven. Through the story, Doris Day pops up as a reminder of her mother's presence in her life, despite Starlet knowing she is there. The whole show is a dance between Starlet, her Guardian Angel, and Doris, paths weaving but almost never colliding.

This show was challenging for Hannah because it was an original work, so she had nothing to base her performance off of except for Doris Day herself. Luckily she had some amazing dancers and actors working alongside her, and she could not have asked for a better way to start out her time in New York.


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