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Hannah Leaves Nebraska With One Last Show!

During the run of Shrek: The Musical, Hannah and Rebekah Petersen were once more tasked with creating choreography for the ending-season cabaret, Celebrate Broadway, a collection of songs from musicals of the artists' choosing. Numbers they were in charge of choreographing included: "Hard to Be the Bard" (Something Rotten) and "Wait for Me" (Hadestown).

Like the rest of the shows in the season, Hannah was asked to perform in the cabaret as a featured performer. She appeared in 9 different numbers, favorites being "On the Steps of the Palace" (Into the Woods), "Time Stops" (Big Fish), "The Grass is Always Greener" (Woman of the Year), and "The Audition" (42nd Street)..

After the closing of Celebrate Broadway, Hannah will be moving to New York City with her sister to pursue a career in performance and choreography. Hannah can't think of any better way to end her time in Kearney that by giving back to her community what they gave to her during her time in school.


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