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A Witch and a Gingerbread Man Choreograph Shrek!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

After their success with Spongebob, Hannah and Rebekah Petersen (The Petersen Sisters) started the exciting process of choreographing for their next big show, Shrek: The Musical. Because rehearsals for Shrek started in the middle of Spongebob's run, they had a short amount of time to prepare the materials for rehearsals.

Not only did Hannah and Rebekah get to create the movement for the show, they also to perform it! Like Spongebob, Artistic Director Steve Barth cast both sisters in Shrek (Hannah as "The Wicked Witch" and Rebekah as "Sugar Plum Fairy/ Gingy", as well as other ensemble roles: two of the Three Blind Mice, Duloc Citizens, and Rat Tappers).

Hannah was beyond excited for this show, way before rehearsals started. Shrek the musical was one of the shows that made her interested in pursuing the arts as a career, and to be able to perform the show, create the choreography for the show, AND wear the national tour costumes was like a dream come true.

Although the process was rough, the show turned out spectacular. Working with Director Robin McKercher was a dream, and Hannah couldn't have asked for a better team to be a part of.


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